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President Farmaajo’s dictatorial tendencies are a cause for widespread political grievances capable of unravelling the Federal Government of Somalia February 25, 2020

Let me preface this piece by first mentioning that I have worked in Somalia for most of the past three years, mainly as an advisor to the FGS while living among ordinary folk in Mogadishu

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President Farmaajo’s Addis Ababa Interview fully transcribed,1 with critical commentary (Part 1) by Dr. Aweys Omar Mohamoud March 15, 2020

Welcome to part 1 of an English transcript of President Farmaajo's recent interview in Addis Ababa, with critical commentary. The interview itself was conducted in Somali. 

20-10-2012 - Abdirazak Haji Hussen, Fmr Prime Minister of the Somali Republic (, & Dr Aweys O. Mohamoud (AWEYS6@AOL.COM), Founder of Gobannimo Institute - 0 comments


The election of new leaders has been hailed as a great step forward by both the Somali people, and their supporters in the international community. The latter's role has been to support the creation of formal political institutions, i.e., signing of agreements, drafting a constitution, and holding elections. 

01-02-2012 - Dr Aweys O. Mohamoud Founder of Gobannimo Institute* With contributions from Fmr President Ali Mahdi Mohamed, Fmr President Abdiqasim Salad Hassan, & Fmr PM Abdirazak Haji Hussein - 0 comments


To the hundreds of thousands of Somali dead and wounded, to their families, and to the entire Somali Nation - all victims of tragic and diabolical civil war, famine, and foreign intervention.


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