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SOMALIA AT SIXTY (PART II) Brief Historical Reflections  Siyad Barre’s Rise to Power, 1969-91

In this article, we look at the coup d'état of 1969 whose regime lasted for over two decades, until January 1991. You can read part 1 of our brief historical reflections here.
The other topics to be covered in this series include ideas for reconciliation, and the need for a new leadership with great vision in 2021.

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THE AUDIO OF AUDACITY Mahdi Guuleed is Oblivious to the Looming Constitutional Crisis

I have listened to a truly shocking statement recently made by a certain Mahdi Guuleed, Deputy Prime Minister of Farmaajo's adminstration, apparently speaking at an event organized for MPs supportive of his administration's recent shenanigans in parliament.

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SOMALIA AT SIXTY (PART 1) Brief Historical Reflections, 1960-69

Sixty years ago this week, Somalia's march to independence began by the union of the former Trust Territory of Somalia under Italian administration and former British Somaliland.

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President Farmaajo faced a moment of truth in Parliament on Saturday

President Farmaajo has had his moment of truth come to him face-to-face on Saturday, June 6, in parliament as MPs booed and hissed their disapproval when he started his speech at the opening of the last session of parliament before the anticipated elections later this year, and early next year.

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FMSs are Not Enemy Clans, They’re Governing Institutions  Born of Hope to Forge a Peaceful State

This is a follow-up to my recent article here concerning President Farmaajo's perspective on his government's relations with Federal Member States (FMSs). Mr. Farmaajo sounded an angry man, crying out for vengeance.


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